Flooring Solutions

What do you need?

We have several flooring systems available to compliment our varying structure sizes, ranging from simple polythene lined black and grey matting to our raised cassette solution. What you need will be dependant on your ground conditions, marquee size, structure options and budget. Give us a call on 01454 252 218 to discuss the options or send us an email enquiry to get the ball rolling …

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Malleable matting

Matting provides the most simple solution and is predominantly used during the summer months. Although it is lined with a protective polythene layer, it isn’t recommended in the Winter months as it offers limited protection against saturated ground. However, it’s an efficient product to lay, making it a cost effective option and we have installed it to great success at school speech days, traditional weddings and agricultural shows alike.

Our matting is a hard-wearing version that is pinned in to a grass surface and you can see some example images in the gallery below. A more neutral Coir matting can be sub-contracted in if you would prefer the lighter finish as well.

Laying flat

Our Contour Floor provides a slightly raised wooden surface and is laid to follow the contours of the ground, so its helpful if the site is fairly flat! Although we do provide a certain level of packing to ensure a stable footing. It is a suitable application on most surfaces and can also be covered with carpet or lino products in a variety of colours and styles for the finishing touch.

Due to the measurements of our contour floor boards, it fits most effectively in our 3m – 15m clear span frame marquees to sit beneath the base plates. We are pretty adapt at matching your requirements though and this system can be installed in the 20m & 25m structures too, so please do ask for our advice when you enquire.

Raise it up

Cassette Floor is our most practical and comprehensive system and once fitted provides a firm & level surface inside any of our structures. It can also be enhanced with the aforementioned floor coverings, to match the style and colour scheme of your event. Danco fit this flooring system on uneven ground, of varying surface types, to provide a stable and secure base to your chosen marquee whether it is 3m or 30m wide!

The option of in-floor weights on this suspended floor system gives you even more flexibility with your space, one of our annual projects for the UWE Graduation Ceremony makes use of these weights in an enclosed space next to the Cathedral where the build is carried out on listed flagstones.

Multiple Solutions

Multi Floor is a heavy duty flooring system that creates a usable and practical surface on differing ground levels up to 4m in height.

Using a series of interchangeable legs and screw plates this flooring system is capable of taking extremely heavy weight loading and is ideal for uses as diverse as ice rink flooring bases, helipads, temporary supermarkets, hospitality venues, staging and a whole host of other events.

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