Cricket Cover


Private Location

Project Brief:

We were contacted by a County Cricket Club a number of years ago to see whether we could supply a suitable structure to cover their practice net area on a long term hire basis. Following a site visit and consultation we subsequently installed a bespoke marquee which proved to be a remarkable success for both the players and ground keepers.

The Solution:

In order to be a suitable solution the marquee had to be provided with fully clear panels on both the roof and all wall panels. Utilising our own range of pvc covers we were able to install the required structure with ease and it has subsequently been extended in size each year thereafter.

The clear panels have played a pivotal role in the winning formula, not only allowing in natural light for the players, but also in promoting healthy grass growth despite the time of year.

This year’s 63m x 15m structure was installed in early February and undeterred by the wettest winter on record & wind speeds recorded in excess of 100mph, the players have been able to practice inside to their hearts content.

The installation of the marquee has significantly increased quality practice time for the county team and they hope to use this to their advantage again during the coming season………..

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