Transport & Logistics

With the expansion of the company and our continued drive for excellent customer service, Danco Plc has invested heavily in transport and staff welfare in recent years.

VAN____We currently operate our own fleet of over 100 vehicles ranging from forklifts & cranes to HGV tractor units, 4×4’s, cars and vans.

In order to provide timely deliveries for our clients we have our own workshop to maintain this fleet to the highest standard looking after all vehicle requirements.

Our most recent addition to the fleet has been the introduction of 12 Staff Welfare Road Houses. These trailers are fully kitted out with kitchens, bathrooms, beds, storage facilities, relaxation areas, flat screen T.V’s and air conditioning. The introduction of the road houses has enabled Danco to not only provide first class living accomodation for the various crews, but also reduce daily travel time from previous accomodation and hotels to various build sites throughtout the U.K.

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