A marquee or temporary structure is a great option for hosting an event outdoors, acting as a solid shelter for protection from the weather. But with the growing choice of temporary structures and marquees available today, how do you decide which one is best suited for your festival, event or show?

In this blog, we’ll run through the various considerations event planners have to deal with when selecting the right product for their event – and the various options available from Danco to overcome them.


Even with summer slowly creeping in, the weather is one of the most important factors when planning an event in the UK. If the rain does start pouring, event planners must ensure they have adequate space to host visitors and keep the main attractions running.

If the centrepiece of the event takes place outside, for example, an airshow, then a transparent marquee may be the right solution – offering a large indoor space for visitors should it rain, whilst still allowing them to see what’s going on outside and above the marquee with clear PVC or solid panels available.

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In addition, if the rain does start pouring, the grass can become sodden and muddy, making it hard for visitors and vehicles to move around the site. There are a range of flooring options such as contour or cassette flooring and temporary roadways designed to prevent this becoming an issue.


If the event is a busy one, it’s essential to ensure you have enough space to house everyone. To maximise the space available to your guests, clearspan marquees have no internal support poles or external guy ropes, making the most of the space available on site.

In addition, linking smaller structures such as Chinese hats or Pagoda marquees to clear span frames will allow for the creation of porches and entrance tunnels to the larger marquees to help control the flow of visitors. In some cases, they are used as smaller stand-alone areas – perfect for exhibition stalls at events such as food, farm and trade shows.



Uneven and bumpy flooring can result in trips and falls. Options such as cassette flooring are available to make the ground level and safe and can be installed within most of our marquees. If cost is of importance, polypropylene matting is a less effective but inexpensive way of covering the ground.

Another difficulty that may be faced in terms of practicality is the accessibility of the location, if it’s secluded or hard to reach – it can cause problems when trying to get plant equipment such as forklifts onto the site. Our traditional marquees are often constructed by hand, eliminating this problem.

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Style considerations will vary dependant on the nature of the event and there are a number of style options available to customise marquees for special events, for example, if it’s a charity event where brand awareness is key, a branded printed marquee may be suitable, or a striking red cover for a festival marquee.

At a formal event such as a business awards nights where presentation is key – event managers can take advantage of the many accessories we can provide including carpets, picket fencing, luxury toilets and heating systems.

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At Danco, we’ve been providing event management solutions to various events, shows and festivals for over 40 years. We are there for our customers every step of the way to recommend the right product for your event based on individual requirements – all done in a timely manner abiding by all relevant health and safety codes.

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