Edd 3

Would you shave your hair off in order to raise money for a good cause? What about your eyebrows and beard?! Edd O’Dwyer, Danco foreman and some might say local hero, didn’t seem to have any reservations about the matter!

In order to support his father and raise money for the deserving Haematology Unit Ward 9 at Musgrove Park Hospital in Taunton, Edd set up his own fund-raising campaign. By agreeing to sit in the hairdresser’s chair at Hair’s Johnny in Chard and wave good bye to every inch of hair on his head and face, Edd raised in excess of £1000 and counting for this worthy cause.

The support of his Danco colleagues, friends and family certainly spurred Edd on and he has personally thanked everyone who donated. Team Danco would all like to say “well done” and our thoughts are with the O’Dwyer family.

To see the results of this honourable act for charity, please see the pictures below, quite literally a before and after.

Edd 1 Edd 2