First Aid at Work

Earlier this year, staff took part in a first aid at work course here at HQ.

The team learnt how to manage a range of injuries and illnesses that could occur in the workplace. This included the role of the first aider, first aid kits, priortising treatment, CPR, Defibrillation with an AED, trauma, medical emergencies and much more.

As part of the course, we role played a scenario where someone was found on the floor. We surveyed the scene and used ‘DR ABC‘…

Danger – making sure the casualty or any bystanders were safe and not putting our own life at risk

Response – checking to see if the casualty was conscious

Airway – identifying and treating any life-threatening airway problems

Breathing – identifying and treating any life-threatening breathing problems

Circulation – identifying and treating any life-threatening circulation problems

In small groups, we had to communicate effectively the steps to ensure we delivered the the 3 Ps – Preserve Life, Prevent the situation worsening and Promote recovery. After performing CPR we used a defibrillator (AED). It was great to use this amazing piece of kit in a training scenario and see how it works as we are lucky enough to have our own AED defibrillator here on site.


Well done everyone who took part in the course. Good work team!