Beat Hotel Glastonbury



Glastonbury Festival, Worthy Farm, Glastonbury, Somerset


The brief for Glastonbury is extremely varied each year as we supply structures for a number of clients across the site including the Glastonbury organisers, however the on site difficulties apply to all of them.

Measuring nearly 5 miles across at its widest point the Glastonbury site is extremely large and provides us with unique logistical challenges especially when you are not able to get close to specific locations with the delivery vehicles.


Danco liaise closely with all the individual clients and plan the installation based on a number of factors including operational necessity, the amount of post build product works that take place in the marquees once we have finished and locations. From this we get an operational plan and ensure all clients are onsite when we are due to be assembling their marquees to ensure accurate siting of the structures.

The site is farm land so points of reference aren’t always the most obvious until you know the site well, clear dialogue with the client is therefore essential when calculating exactly where the marquees are to be erected.

Over the three week installation period the site undergoes a phenomenal transformation with the numerous stages, stalls, concessions, walkways, camping and toilets areas all being strategically located.  Add 160,000 people to the mix and space is at premium.  Marquees are required all over the site for a vast range of uses including organisational posts, bars, nightclubs, trade stalls, public restaurants and staff canteens etc.


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