Royal Norfolk Show 2019



The Royal Norfolk Showground, Norwich


Danco has worked with the Royal Norfolk Agricultural Association supplying temporary structures to the Royal Norfolk Show since the early 2000s. Over the years, we’ve established a great working relationship with the client and this year we’re pleased to have been selected as main contractors for the show.

The show is the UK’s largest two-day agricultural show and provides attendees with a huge variety of events and attractions that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Flower Shows, Equestrian Events and Agricultural Shows are the mainstay of our business and we’re proud sponsors of the 2019 show!


Over 40 temporary structures are assembled on site for a variety of uses, ranging from livestock to hospitality pavilions and show features such as horticulture. Traditional tents, clearspan marquees and chinese hats are collectively used to create the show space. We also provide different-sized structures to several private clients on site.

Our marquee riggers are managed by Lead Foreman Patryk. He and his crew stay on site for 4 weeks, which includes 2.5 weeks for the build followed by a further 1.5 weeks of derig.

We can assemble marquees on almost any surface. As the Royal Norfolk Showground is a bespoke showground site with plenty of roadways and a relatively flat surface, this aids us in both the build and take down processes.

Our equipment travels considerable distances between events; as one show ends and another event starts to take shape.  Throughout the summer season, structures are taken down and then re-configured and re-erected in different locations often days later. Kit from Cornwall Show makes its way across the country to Norfolk Show. Thanks to our fleet of articulated vehicles and the number of crew we have at our disposal, we complete this challenging logistical task with relative ease and simplicity. Each show site is unique, and our structures are re-assembled as per the specifications agreed with the client.


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